Resident Advisory Committee

All members of the Home Forward community have a voice in major policy decisions through the Resident Advisory Committee.

When Home Forward looks at big decisions that may impact a large part of our community, we want to hear from the people who participate in our different housing programs. The job of the Resident Advisory Committee is to be that voice. The committee is made up of 10-20 volunteers who either live in a Home Forward apartment or participate in our Section 8 program.

The committee holds at least four public meetings every year, and reports the results of their work to Home Forward’s Board of Commissioners. The Resident Commissioner of the Board also co-chairs the advisory committee.

The committee is not involved in specific building maintenance, operations or staffing issues, or resident disputes. This allows the committee to be inclusive of the opinions and experiences of the entire Home Forward community.

For more information on the committee or upcoming meetings, contact Pamela Kambur at 503.802.8508 or