Executive Director

With a deep understanding of the issues surrounding poverty, Michael Buonocore believes Home Forward is responsible to help provide both a stable home and a path to success.

Photo of Michael BuonocoreMichael became Home Forward’s executive director in October 2014 after serving as deputy executive director, responsible for the property management, rent assistance, and real estate development departments.  He began his Home Forward career in 2001 as a resident services manager, going on to direct policy and planning, where he was the principal architect of the agency's strategic directions and planning.  He also designed Home Forward's innovative rent reform program.

His background includes leading operations, including community organizing, as associate director of Sisters Of The Road, a homeless services agency.  Earlier, he was health services manager for the Clackamas County Children’s Commission and program supervisor for a residential care facility for developmentally disabled youth.

All of his experience has shaped his view that communities must work together on many fronts to fight the effects of poverty on their most vulnerable citizens, while advocating for the resources necessary to get to the roots of the problem.

To help Home Forward partner more deeply with others to address these challenges, Michael has a management team, pictured below, with experience in a range of disciplines in the public, non-profit, and private arenas.


Our Management Team

photo of Home Forward's management team

From left to right:  Betty Dominguez, director, East County Relations; Ian Slingerland, director, Homeless Initiatives; Peter Beyer, chief financial officer; Jonathan Trutt, director, Development and Community Revitalization; Carolina Abdalah, director, Integrated Facilities Services and Safety; Elise Anderson, director, Property Management; Michael Buonocore, executive director; Ian Davie, chief operating officer; Dena Ford-Avery, director, Housing Choice Vouchers; Michael DePaepe, director, Information Services and Technology; Tim Collier, director, Communications; Kitty Miller, chief administrative officer; Melissa Richardson, director, Business Services; Molly Rogers, director, Asset Management and Housing Policy.