New Name, Identity for Housing Authority of Portland

May 18, 2011 -- Today the Housing Authority of Portland (HAP) reveals its new name -- Home Forward -- and launches its new visual identity.

After 70 years as the largest provider of affordalbe housing in Oregon, dedicated to providing stability and opportunity through housing, the Housing Authority of Portland has outgrown its name.  No longer geograpically accurate (the agency serves all of Multnomah County), nor an accurate reflection of the progressive, mission-based character of the organization, the new name willl help to foster government, non-profit, and corporate partnerships and to connect with the community in a more meaningful way.

"During our  strategic planning process last year, we found that our name was confusing to some partners.  There was strong support for changing our name to strengthen relationships we currently have and establish those we want to develop," said Lee Moore, chair of the Board of Commissioners.

With a charter from the Board of Commissioners to initiate a name change, a group of board members and executive management selected Oregon-based Brand Navigation to facilitate input from development directors, staff and board members, and to execute the identity development and launch.  In addition to the new name, the initiative includes a new visual identity including logo, website and communications materials, to be fully rolled out over the next year.

Vivid blue, green and featuring a "flourishing home" symbol that combines the two colors, the new identity tells current and future residents, business partners, and community members that Home Forward is a progressive, positive enterprise committed to a better tomorrow, for the organization and especially for its residents.  It will aid efforts to make communicaitons more consistent, efficient, and distinctive.

"We continue to grow and be a national leader in affordable housing," said Steve Rudman, executive director, "In developing the new name and identity, we are harnessing that momentum and re-emphasizing our commitment to engage our residents in moving their lives forward.  Homes are just the beginning of the process."

The new name and identity symbolize the goals HAP has always championed -- shelter and support for those in need.  They also do justice to HAP's heritage by emphasizing a new tagline that borrows from the foregoing acronym: "hope.access.potential."

The new brand identity will be used in corporate communications beginning May 18, 2011.