Peaceful Villa Redevelopment

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Peaceful Villa redevelopment planning is underway
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Home Forward plans to redevelop Peaceful Villa in the year 2024. This decision affects the current 70 households who currently call Peaceful Villa “home,” as well as additional new residents for whom additional homes will be constructed. The redevelopment process includes several phases and will take four years to complete. Residents currently living at the property will have many opportunities to make choices about the future before the construction begins in 2024 and completes in 2026.


Information about the A&E team and construction team will be coming soon.

Neighborhood outreach and development of a community advisory committee coming in April 2022.

Current resident focus

Outreach to current residents began in December 2021 and will continue throughout the planning process, relocation, construction, and return process.  The next resident meeting is scheduled for February 19th at 3 pm.  Click here for the invitation flyer with the Zoom link to attend.

SE Powell Development (Portland Housing Bond)

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A new apartment community with 206 affordable homes located on SE Powell Blvd near 30th in Portland will open by June 2024.
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This apartment community of 206 affordable homes is well located near parks, schools, public transportation and grocery stores.  The thougtful design includes a range of apartment sizes, community spaces, and a pick-up zone directly off busy SE Powell Blvd.  Financing for these new homes is anchored with funds from Portland's Housing Bond.


Individuals and families will be living in:

  • 123 studio homes,
  • 18 one-bedroom homes,
  • 59 two-bedroom homes, and
  • 6 three-bedroom homes.

Rents will be affordable at multiple ranges:

  • 138 at or below 60% AMI (area median income)
  • 68 at or below 30% AMI
    • 50 of these 30% AMI homes will be supported with Project-based Section 8 rental assistance.
    • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) services will be available for 30 families who have experienced homelessness where one person has a disabling condition.

Resident Services - a full range of services will be available, including our partners at El Programa Hispano Catolico.

Construction & Occupancy Milestones - Construction will begin by October 2021 and full lease-up is anticipated by July 2024.

Financial Partners - City of Portland, Oregon Housing and Community Services, Bank of America, and the Joint Office for Homeless Services of Multnomah County.

Design and Construction Partners - Holst Architecture and Colas Construction.

Services Partners (as of September 2021) - El Programa Hispano Catolico.

A New Pathway to 2025

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Three of Home Forward's smaller public housing properties will be sold in 2025. Beginning in January 2021, Home Forward is working in partnership with current residents to ensure they have choices that make sense for their household. Home Forward is committed to provide continued housing subsidy to these current households via a range of program options.
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We need your input!  Please complete the March 2021 Survey of Residents to let us know how we're doing.  Click here for Spanish   Click here for English

Hattie Redmond Apartments - redevelopment of Baldwin site

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Redevelopment of a half acre property along North Interstate to provide 60 studio apartments with permanent supportive housing by Urban League of Portland.
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Design is underway for 60 new studio apartments in North Portland along the Interstate light rail line.  Home Forward and Urban League of Portland are partnering to provide permanent supportive housing to people who have experienced homelessness.  The vision for North Baldwin is inspired in part by Urban League’s successful Project HAVEN, founded in 2016. Urban League’s model provides focused and intensive services to address homelessness in the Black community, a population over-represented in the homeless community yet underserved.


Homes & Amenities

  • 60 new studio apartments will include linear kitchen (sink, range, refrigerator & microwave), bathroom, and bedroom/living area
  • Rents affordable to residents making 30% Area Median Income and below (approx $18,500 for a single person in 2019)
  • Full relocation benefits will be provided to the 8 households currently on-site
  • A large community room with kitchen and adjacent outdoor patio area will be located at the southern end of the building
  • Classrooms, a work out room, computer access and lots of room for bike parking will be included


  • Services will be designed to help folks regain purpose and dignity living in an area they may once have called home. An on-site team will include a resident services coordinator, case managers and peer support specialists from both Home Forward and Urban League of Portland.

  • An active community engagment process includes focus groups with Urban League participants and staff to provide input into the physical design of the property, economic participation during construction, and on-going resident support programs.

  • Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2021 and new residents will be welcome to their homes during summer 2022.


  • Resident Services:  Urban League of Portland
  • Financial: Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) and the Oregon Health Authority (Governor's PSH Initiative); and Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Design and Construction:  SERA Architects and Bremik Construction

Fountain Place Redevelopment

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Extensive renovations are underway to ensure this historic downtown Portland building continues to provide affordable homes for generations to come.
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After successful relocation of residents prior to the COVID-19 closures, work began in March 2020 to undertake seismic structural improvements and renovation of existing apartments.  Apartments will remain affordable to households earning less than 60% of Area Media Income (AMI). Former residents and new occupants will begin to move back by Fall 2021.



  • 74 affordable housing options
    • 54 homes for households less than 60% AMI
    • 20 homes with Project-based Section 8 rental subsidy for incomes less than 50% AMI
  • Households will be living in
    • 56 studio homes
    • 14 one-bedroom homes, and
    •   4 two-bedroom homes.


  • Former Fountain Place residents received relocation services and will have the opportunity to return when construction is complete.
  • Seismic safety is a key element of the scope of work including significant interior bracing, new stairwells and new elevator, and exterior improvements to the unreinforced masonry.
  • A new community room will allow residents an opportunity to host group events.
  • Partnerships with Northwest Pilot Project and Transitions Project (TPI) provide resident referrals and case management for 20 residents living in the homes with Project-Based Section 8 rental subsidy.




  • Financial:  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Section 8 subsidy); City of Portland, Portland Housing Bureau; Oregon Housing and Community Services LIHTC and Preservation programs; U.S. Department of Interior, Parks Historic Preservation Program
  • Design & Construction:  Peter Meijer Architect and Lorentz Bruun Construction
  • Key Community Partners:  Northwest Pilot Project and Transitions Project (TPI) 


Fact Sheets and Reports

Virtual Groundbreaking Website


Dekum Court Redevelopment

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Transforming 40 affordable homes in need of extensive repairs into 187 new affordable homes by 2024.
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Lever 2020 sketch



  • 187 affordable apartments total
  • 40 replacement homes for existing Dekum Court households
  • 147 new homes funded by Metro Affordable Housing bond will includea at least 87 family homes with 2 or more bedrooms


  • Educational partnerships are under discussion to meet the needs of new families in the community, including a new Head Start facility.
  • In addition to the apartments, the development will feature a large community room and multiple outdoor play spaces for youth.
  • An active community engagment process, including a large Community Advisory Committee, is providing input into the physical design of the property, economic participation during construction, and on-going resident support programs.


  • Financial:  Metro, Home Forward equity, private activity bonds, Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Design and Construction:  LEVER Architects, Walsh Construction
  • Albina Head Start Classrooms Fact Sheet


Community Newsletter (February 2020)

Resident Engagement

Community Advisory Committee

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